Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for your Bella on Demand Beauty appointment is easy. Full service appointment and hair styling? Simply step out of the shower, moisturize and brush your hair. Dress in lounging clothes and be ready to be pampered! Just think of Bella on Demand as your muse. All of Bella’s independent artists have been handpicked just for you. Customer service is our first responsibility and priority. Bella on Demand artists carry the best products in their kits. Bella cares about any allergies a client may have and is ready to help a client pull together the entire look.

Specific service inquiries:

For blow-outs, have your hair wet and an outlet ready.

Dry styling – outlet ready (curling iron and flat iron galore).

Make-up- pick a space where lighting can draw out your beauty for the occasion.

Nails? A space where a foot spa or nail polish extravaganza can delight you (be careful to choose a service that will not stain)
Sometimes being late is unavoidable. Bella’s artists are never late unless an emergency arises and the respect is mutual for clients.

Please contact 1-917-903-1084 by phone or by text if you will be later than 15 minutes. Time is valuable and late charges will be assessed after 30 minutes at a rate of $25 an hour. The same curtesy will apply to all Bella customers. If a Bella artist is late beyond 30 minutes, Bella clients will receive a Bella credit to be used for any Bella service.
24 hours is Bella’s rule. Please let us know 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel your appointment. Any appointments cancelled 12 hours before will result in a 50% charge. Cancellations received 6 hours before will be subject to a 75% charge and 3 hours before will result in a 100% charge. A person who cancels for good reason will have a chance to explain the lateness with Bella. Bella on Demand was founded by a lawyer -- realistic and everyday cancellations are treated by Bella on Demand with the utmost respect and will be treated accordingly.
Bella has look books that span the world. Our artists have created looks for women making a statement, models, celebrities and fashion magazines. Bella does not need a look book. We know how to deliver the look you want for whatever occasion. Bella handles your beauty needs wherever you are and wherever you are going.
The is Bella’s favorite FAQ. If you have five minutes, we are there to optimize your beauty within your time and schedule. If you need Bella on Demand to prepare your entire wedding event (including your wedding party with 20 ladies) AND touch ups during the wedding – we are there!

Off to a business interview at 9:00 am – we are there by 6:00 am

Bella on Demand is a company that operates 24/7 including our customer service department. Hair and Make-up could take 90 minutes and a blow out could take up to 20 minutes. Bella on Demand will make your service work for your schedule.
OF COURSE!! Bella on Demand is all about matching artists with their customers. Trust and beauty go hand-in-hand. Bella has partnered with and been fortunate to bring on the best in beauty for our clients. Clients often leave with their shade of lipstick to touch up. Bella clients request their favorite artists and we take that very seriously. Matching beauty professionals with clients and their favorite products is our company mission.

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